Dwyer Pressure Switch/Gages
- Both Photohelic and Capsu-Photohelic switche/gages function as versatile, highly repeatable pressure switches combined with a precise pressure gauge employing the time-proven Magnehelic design
- Measures and control positive, negative or differential pressures of air and compatible gases

- Standard models are rated to 25 psig with options to 35 or 80 psig - Easy to adjust setpoint indicators are controlled by knobs located on gauge face
- Setpoint can be interlocked to provide variable deadband- ideal for control of fan, dampers, pump, etc
- Gage reading is continuous and unaffected by switch operation, even during loss of electrical power
- Choose from full scale pressure ranges from a low 0-.25" w.c. up to 300 psi; single positive pressure to 6000 psig -