Product Description
CMP- Flamproof 'd' cable glandFor use with all type SWA extruded cable
Electrical AccessoriesStockist of Legrand A.T.X., Scame, Bussmann
Explosion Proof StarterMotor Starter and Control System
Legrand 94962-Emergency LightingSelf-contained emergency lighting
Legrand 93114 Direct On Line StarterLegrand Eexd DOL Starter Cat #93114
Legrand 93890 Remote Control StationsLegrand remote control station- 93890,93891
Legrand 94795-8W Fluorescent Handlamps8W-24V Fluorescent Handlamps
Legrand 94805-2x36W fluorescent lamps2x36W Single Pin Fluorescent Lamps
Legrand 95111-Motor Siren, Klaxon (95113)24VDC or 240V motor siren, Klaxon audible signalling
Legrand 95150 Portable FloodlightsFull Bean Halogen Flood Light
Legrand 96182 Increased Safety ComponentsSwitches, Rotary Knobs,Ammeter,Fuse Holder
Legrand 96216 Incresed Safety Switches 16 and 20A ATX switches, Break Glass
Legrand 96306 Remote Control StationIncreased Safety Remote Control Station
Legrand 96424 Incresed Safety Plug & Socket16amps 110/220/415V plug & socket
Legrand 96433 Plug & Socket Conector16amps 110/220/415V plug & socket
Legrand 96588 Increased Safety Fluorescent 2x36W Bi- Pin Fluorescent Lamps
Legrand 96884 Eexde 63,125Amps Plug & SocketATX Increased Safety 63A, 125A Plug & Socket
SCHUCH Explosion-Proof HandlampPart No.e8310
SCHUCH Explosion-Proof SwitchesSeries: 8030/A and 8030/W